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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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in the embassy there. also following yemen, tunisia. "fox and friends" start now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is thursday . we begin this morning with a fox news aletterr. even -- alert. more violence yemen, tunisia and again egypt. they are chanting death to america as they ripped down the american flag and set it on fire. yemen home to the most active branch of terrorism. there haven't been any deaths today. i all of this with violent clashes in egypt. yes, in egypt. this is a live look. these protest led by the
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muslim brotherhood. police are using tear gas to disperse thousands of protestors. >> steve: in the meantime tunisia, riots and dozens of protestors burned the american flag outside of the american embassy there. there is a speculation that it is in response to the anti-muslim and-antimohammed movie. it is a possibility that it is linked to the 11th anniversary of 9/11. this is where chris stevens and others were killed. >> gretchen: they are covering the latest in london. >> yeah, we are tracking a busy morning here. we have spoke to folks on the ground outside of the u.s. embassy in yemen.
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basically the situation is under control. there is couple of thousand of people outside of the embassy and a thousand yemen security fores trying to keep it under control. you have a security house in front of the main building. some of the demonstrators got in and tore down items and did damage but no shots were fired and no injuries were incurred and still a fluid situation there. and as you know in cairo, again through the night there was rock throwing and tear gas shooting by the police against the protestors, this is after the big violence we saw earlier in the week there. there is a call for calm from the president of the egypt today and calls for a peaceful protest and it is not turning out that way in cairo. that happened in cairo and yemen. it is believed to be airing or
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the distribution of the internet of the u.s. made film, film made in the u.s. critical of the muslim prophet mohammed and nais one motivator for the violence that we saw on tuesday in benghazi in libya. that resulted in the death of chris stevens and other americans. the bodies are in a u.s. military hospital in germany and all american staff has been evacuated from benghazi and going in the other direction, there is 50 marines and anti-terror teams that are on the ground in libya. there is one u.s. navy destroyer off of the coast and another coming there, too and f.b.i. agents and as well a stepped up drone surveillance.
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we are talking about a terror manhunt in libya. in addition to the motivator of that film made in the u.s., it could be a complex organization to take out u.s. officials with an al-qaida link. we are looking at the video we have seen coming from the al-qaida number one who is citing that the al-qaida number two was killed by the u.s. and called on action from the u.s.. a complex and fluid situation, back to you. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: how does the united states respond? former director of national intelience who worked in the worst situation . ambassador, welcome. what is our best next step first of course in libya? >> let mow say that chris
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stevens, we lost an exemptary diplomat. he was the kind of example of expeditionary diplomacy that characterized our hot spots . we will mourn his loss and miss him greatly. as far as the next step, we have to wait this situation out a bit and at least get past the friday prayers tomorrow and see how that works out. i am certain the images that you are showing on the screen this morning are not representative of the views of the governments and the peoples of those countries. i don't think they want to see this, their countries descend in chaos. >> steve: you were the director of the national intelligence agency, we didn't see this coming, how is that possible in >> first of all as you recall in the arab pring
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and what happened in tunisia, sometimes these incidents can be sparked by an unanticipatedentious vent and then they take on a life of your own. there is no telling what is to happen. >> gretchen: the arab spring was about getting rid of dictators and this is hate for america. >> yeah, but i am talking about crowd situations. i don't think these groups are representative. we have to hope these governments can bring these situations under control and then they need our support in building strong institutions in their countries so they can come to grips with the many social and economic problems that their countries face. in the mean while, we have to get through what is a rough patch and just hope it doesn't spin oust control. >> brian: the president has to
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make a decision, do we go after the guys in libya like bin laden or let the libyans lead in that? >> yeah, but yourr comment presupposes that we know exactly what happened. what we have to do first let the situation be investigated. i heard f.b.i. agents are going over there and diplomatic security bureau and state department needs to undertake a formal investigation of how it happened that chris stevens were killed. before we have those facts it is jumping to conclusion . we need to be calm. >> steve: absolutely. the president of the united states did interviews with 60 minutes an one with telemundo and asked about egypt and that's where the embassy that is what some characterized with the apology note to the protestors. the muslim brotherhood that runs the country is not an
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ally and not an enemy. we'll get the reaction. >> okay. >> would you consider the current rejome of evipt an ally of the united states? >> we don't consider them an ally but not a enemy. they are a new government. they were democratically elected we are going to have to see how they respond to this incident and how they respond maintaining the peace treaty with israel. so far what we have seen in some cases they said the right things and taken the right steps. >> brian: no, they haven't. they waited 24 hour to condemn the riots. >> in a formal sense. they are not a ally like japan or australia. the president hit the point they have a peace treaty with
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israel. they recognize israel and we have to encourage that situation to continue. i think the bifth set back that is suffered by the united states policy would be for some reason they were a rupture in the relationship between egypt and israel. >> brian: you would write a billion dollar check to them. >> i wouldn't put it that simply, they need our engage support and it would be counter productive in my view to disengage from egypt at a critical time it is a time when they need friend and support from the international community who have always played in the last 30 years an extremely important role in that area. >> gretchen: what is the way the united states advising ei didn't want and that money? if we are giving that much
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money do we have a say in what they end up doing? >> we have in the past and influenced their military and had an influence in the variouss coineds of assistance programs with respect to the rule of law. we said earlier, we are going through a difficult period. this is not the time to make major decisions to alter our policies in draftec way. >> brian: we have to make a decision to bolster security in all embassy? correct? >> we have to security our embassy and if we can't secure them, at some point we have to look at options, like in benghazi it is abandoned. it is a host government that is responsible for providing
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security for the embassies and they have to live up to that. >> steve: and later today the united states congress will decoid to extend 20 million to libya. john neroponte, thank you so much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> gretchen: the rest of the headlines, al-qaida releasing new video of the american hostage warren weinstein. delivered a personal message to israeli prime minister netanyahu asking him to intervene. he was kidnapped in pakistan by eight armed men who broke in his home. federal reserve chair ben bernanke could announce another stimulus program. they began talks in the wake ofast week's disappointing jobs support. the decision is expected this afternoon on whether or not they will print more money.
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new york united states saying spow long for super sized soft dringe. it would put a 16 size limit for deli and restaurants and street cars. mayor bloomburg is not trying to be a bully but help them be healthier. >> neil armstrong will remembered in a public memorial service in washington's nation cathedral he will be buried at sea tomorrow. those are your headlines. >> the already strained relations between united states and israel facing a new test. prime minister netanyahu is stepping up pressure on obama to take a hard line on iran.
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>> the world tells israel wait, there is still time. i say wait for what? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran, don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. i you know, the israeli politician and speaker of the knesset and also the author of israel and the will to prevail and before we talk about that statement. your reaction to the riots in libya that happened on tuesday, egypt, happening again today and tunisia and yemen all against american interest. >> you ask why and what is the reasoning in there is no reasoning in the middle east. you are giving them millions of dollars and look at what is happening today. in writing the book, you should not apply the value of reasoning in the u.s.. we live there.
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it is a tough neighbor. you cannot appease those people. >> brian: you heard the ambassador saying they need friend and we should be patient. >> enough with the friendly and you tried it. president obama tried from the day he was elected. he went to cairo and went and gave a nice speech. they tried to give us concessions to the palestinians. the u.s. needs to weak up and understand. it is not what you are willing to give them and do for them. you need to stand up fight for it. >> gretchen: it is not every single people in the nations . it is a faction of people. but the governments in those nations. >> where is the army and police. they can protest, but they
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cannot go climb on the bass bazs and it happened to us in cairo. the israeli ambassador was attack we know those governments are getting weaker, and weaker and the islamic radical forces are getting stronger. >> steve: sure, as we look at protest all over the region today, it sounds as if in iraq apparently one of the toughest militias thetening action against the american interest there. >> brian: can you believe it. >> steve: the film initial he started it. do you think that will unleash wave of anti-americanism that is brewing. >> the film is not the recourse. it is an excuse . it is a stupid film and i don't know who is behind it. it is much deeper. you look at the radical
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forces. change the headlines. if you want a arab spring it is an arab winter. spring is something you expect good to come out. but you will not see's democracy. >> steve: danny, how big is al-qaida in this? we heard before 9/11 the number one guy put out the radio and said we have to avenge the death of the u.s. drone. we discover his brother was in a protest in cairo and one of the rebel rousers and taking credit for organizing it. >> i am sure it is linked together. the connection between iran and hes hesbollah. it is parts of the muslim religion from the qu'ran and say they take it another step
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against everything that is different and it is jihad. >> gretchen: how ironic is it to you as an israeli that your prime minister on the same day that this all happened voiced concern about the united states support of israel and now this on top of that? >> we look at the picture and see iran becoming nuclear, can wie be in the hands of those people . prime minister netanyahu will come to the united states and he will discuss those issues and tell him we node to take action . we can do it ourselves and look at today, the only place where the american embassy is not on alert is in tel aviv, israel. >> steve: danny, if the president of the united states wanted to meet with netanyahu in two weeks, he could make it happen. why doesn't the president.
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>> i frankly he will have to meet him. i don't know who is the advisor of the president, but this time of crisis in the middle east. >> steve: why doesn't he want to meet with him. ? >> i think he is afraid and he upons them to wait. >> gretchen: they did have a conversation. we know we must take action with or without the united states. president obama wants us to wait and not decide the issue. we can't wait forever. >> steve: netanyahu wants to go now. >> he cannot wait forever. >> steve: obama would like us to wait until after the election. >> brian: prime minister over stepped his bounds by cornering the president. >> we are looking at what is happening in the middle east. and it is not happening in accordance to the election
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cycle in the united states. they are working on a bomb . now is a not a good time to speak about iran but that is the middle east. >> brian: your book is excellent and talks about mark twain coming in to israel and saying there is nothing there and how this counselry came and why it had a will to prevail. danny danon. congratulations on your incredible career and i look forward to seeing you. >> gretchen: the president deploying a team of marines to libya. it was ordinary libyans who pulled stevens from the smoke filled consulate and he died shortly after. the question is, are there enough military protecting our diplomats. ben west joining me this morning. good to see you, sir.
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>> hi. >> gretchen: do we have enough members of the military protecting our ambassadors in these dangerous regions? >> i don't think it is the number it is the question what are their orders? we have marines trained to protect the embassies. but the issue of the state department is doctorine is to talk and the real question to the president. are you sending the marines, are you sevening them authorized to use leth alforce. right now the answer is no and i doubt the president would answer that question. >> gretchen: is he sending drones to be lethal instead. >> i think he is hoping to ride it out. >> brian: you know, we find out that the deputy prime minister of libya said you
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know, as much as we condemn the acts was what took place and horrific and mourn the loss we cannot believe the americans left their embassy staffed. we warned them about the imminent danger coming their way. >> it is stunning to me. it was a break down of inteligence and reaction on a huge level. now, you cannot send in the marines until the state department security officer request them. but when they do post mortum of this tragedy, they will discover a huge break down and on 9/11, don't get it and be claiming it was because of a film that came out six months ago . somebody just recently translated it in arabick. it is balony. >> steve: we had tony schaffer
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on the air and he's a former cia guy and where is the inteleand why wasn't the cia alered, he said they were told not to do anything. and the arab spring will be good for us and let it go. >> someone knew this was coming, did nothing. i don't mean to be cynical but watching the main stream press beat up on governor romney and distract from this is close to a disgrace. the fundmental issue is why were we so unprepared as a government when everybody knew something would happen. and somebody better. >> gretchen: > absolutely we knew about that protest that was coming in egypt. we knew about it. we told our people to get out of there. holy smokes.
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if you are sending out those kinds of signals look next door as well. it was a colossal failure of intelligence and i suspect they are going to put off any investigation of this until after the election. >> brian: we find out that some low level state department worker without checking with the state department put out the tweet and initial statement that essentially apologized for the film and the tweet after the invasion of the embassy came. i personally find that enexcusable and what broke down in terms of systems and operations? >> i don't believe that it happened it was just described. to me that was cleared either by the chief-of-staff of the ambassador, you don't just as a low level employee communicate with the world.
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it doesn't happen that way. >> steve: that's one of the reasons that the mitt romney went after the president and he got banged up by the media that thought he was out of line. we are having a race to see who am be the next commander-in-chief and showing what he would do in the same situation. >> the unfortunate fact the main stream press want president obama to be the next president and in this particular case they diverted attention tremendously and did a disservice to the american public in recognizing we have a huge problem in the middle east and trying to triviize it. >> gretchen: i watched the press coverage. who is the president of the united states reet now and shouldn't that be what we are talking about. >> he is the commander-in-chief and started it four years ago by apologize
6:25 am
come on come on fellas we will all get along . the president is standing back and allowing the press to sort of say mr. romney couldn't critize the president. i will come back to the become president. you are now sending in marines to protect our embassies. have you authorized them to use lethal force and i bet he ducks it. i you >> brian: they are going to ask the same question. did you jump the gun? >> there you go? >> brian: and mitt romney stuck to his guns. in republicans are critizing and not all but some. ben west thank you for your service. >> steve: now joining us allen west former military as well
6:26 am
colonel all sorts of things are on fire and it looks like they stormed the place in yemen and tear gas in the embassy in cairo . iraq, militias are talking about hith at u.s. interest there what is going on? >> it is very simple. when you go back and understand that the arab spring got cooped by the charles pete conrad slamist and hid it under democracy and freedom and what they did was create chaotic situation and you have al-qaida that is strong in north africa and libya and egypt and see what is going on in yemen and you have al-qaida in the arabian peninsula and al-qaida in iraq. this was a coordinated attack a sovereign u.s. land and we lost an ambassador and our response is important. >> gretchen: will you answer the question that ben west
6:27 am
posed to the president. has the president authorized the marines going into libya to use lethal force. how do you feel about that and do you think that the answer is yes. >> the answer has to be yes. we don't want to see the situation in lebanon when we sent the marines in the and the hesbollah saw they didn't have a magazine and weapons and they ran a truck bomb. we have to make sure they can go in and protect themselves and protect the sovereign american territory and not doing it as a politically correct action . >> brian: start in the town of libya in darna. they sent odds of saudi arabia more terrorist to the insurgency than anybody else and that's where many people believe this group came from.
6:28 am
bing west does not believe the story that the anybody gave the public affairs officer approved the tweet. his name is larry swarts. he's on the job. he only checked with one person before he gave out the concilatory tweet condemning the movie and not the people storming the embassy. what do you believe. >> first of all only thing we can believe is we should not mack a concilatory stance when our embassy is attacked. just because someone puts a facebook video that is not the reason for us to lose an ambassador and have our sovereign landd attacked . we should not take the apology jetic stance. think about the president's trip to turkey, saudi arabia and the university in cairo, egypt. we have sent a sense of
6:29 am
weakness and apology of appeasement and this is what you get. it is shades of what happened in the carter administration is what you are seeing. >> steve: yeah, that's what mitt romney said yesterday. and he wound up taking question from the traveling press pool and seven of them were hostile to them. >> they are absolute loo hostile. they have to protect the president and they are going to close station around him and that's what you see from the main stream media trying to make the story about mitt romney and not what is happening in yemen and going to happen in iraq. >> gretchen: this is live picture of cairo. where the violence and rotest continue. i am not sure what will calm that down. but congressman, moving forward, you think that we should teach these nations a
6:30 am
lesson by bringing the diplomats home; is that true. >> i think we need to. right now, if you don't take a strong stance you are going to continue to award this negative behavior. these governments don't believe in the stances that these people have taken. the governments have to understand they are responsible for the stances these people are taking. i don't think anybody has to worry about a embassy here in the united states being attacked by the mob or something of that nature. they have a responsibility. and if they are not willing to own up. we will send a clear message. >> brian: you we should send their ambassadors home as well? >> i believe they should. until they understand where they stand and what direction they are going to take the country and if they are going to allow their country to harbor radical islamicist
6:31 am
we'll not see them as an ally. >> brian: if we disengage of them because of the mobs. >> brian, there is already a danger and to do nothing is the wrong approach to this. and understand in that part of the world the only thing they recognize is strength and might and talking about taking more time, there is an interesting maxxum that the taliban have. the american have watches and we have time. we go down the path of let's wait this out and see what is happening. you are reenforcing the bad behavior. >> steve: colonel. we have to send a clear sig nam. do we have a clear foreign policy over there? >> no, we don't. only policy we have is appeasement and apologize continued to misread what is happening. as i said. maybe hosnimubarack was not
6:32 am
the best, but he he was our guy just like the shah of iran. when you allow the shah of iran to be deposed you got radical islamism and look what you have today a muslim brotherhood, i don't know what the president is saying, it is definitive who they are when you read their charter and understand there is a document called the explanatory moment rum that was uncovered by the f.b.i. talking about the muslim brotherhood's intent for the united states of america. >> gretchen: always great to get your thoughts. we are following the fox news alert. more violence spreading in the middle east a day after the deadly attack in benghazi. that killed ambossor chris stevens. hundreds chanted death to america as they ripped down the american flag and set it
6:33 am
on fire. there are no deaths there today. >> steve: all of this while clashes continue in egypt where protestors are filling the streets there. we have live pictures and tear gas and police are using the gas to disperse thousands of protestors and in the meantime riots are breaking in in tunisia where protestors burned the american flag. speculation that these are in response to the stupid movie, but intelience officers believe it was linked to the anniversary was 9/11. >> brian: chanting we are all with osama bin laden and egypt a give away. greg, they are following it over there in britain, aren't they? >> we are follow all from here, brian and steve and gretchen. latest information from yemen that is unconfirmed some of
6:34 am
the staff in the u.s. embassy in the capitol of sanaa was evacuated from the embassy we don't have that confirmed but contactos the ground are saying this. and yemeni government said the situation is under control but it got hairy. protestors were able to breach the first security wall and got in the main security gate house. i have been there a few times and where people are checked out and allowed to proceed in the main building. that was only after more yemeni security folks showed up. there is about a thousand yemeni security. that is a fluid situation. in cairo, egypt. protestors are scuffling with the police.
6:35 am
they are shooting tear gas and vehicles are set on fire. this is in the vicinity of the u.s. embassy. we have spent time there and close quarters and not hard to get close to the u.s. embassy and that seems to be happening again today. as you know, these and other incidents tied in to that film made in the u.s., critical to the muslim prophet mohammed and stoking up tensions and maybe stoking up relating to the death of both u.s. ambassador and others in lib yampt a quick recap in libya. the bodies of stevens and three other americans and several other injured in the assault now, we understand in a u.s. military hospital in germany . off of the coast of libya one naval destroyer ready for more evacuation and equipped with
6:36 am
cruise missiles and another destroyer is headed in that direction. 50 marines from a rapid terror force, and now there as well. and f.b.i. agents there as well. and looking at a coordinated terror attack and spreading tensions in the region, guys, thank you. >> steve: tony schaffer joins us live. we are talking about being involved in the intelligence community near a long time. i heard you on "fox and friends" first when asked where the sy -- cia was what is the answer? >> my sources tell me they are told to sit on our hands. they are all our friends now and don't be stirring up trouble by talking to the guys and groups because they may not like us. it is what colonel west said a
6:37 am
policy of apiecement. they are not our frented and what our guys should be doing is go out and look over the horizon and this is an organized attack. it was rehearsed and there is things that happened that are detectible. >> gretchen: are you saying that american intelligence officers knew about this and on purpose. >> no. i am saying they are told to be nice and go out and do these things. you have to go down where they live. some of these guys are not nice. >> gretchen: because of that they didn't learn about it. >> we invested billions in the middle east and libya we are there and armed all of the groups with understanding who we armed and what is going on and the guys weren't over the wire like we used to do. it was a failure of the intelience community. >> brian: at a time we scale down the military and going
6:38 am
home and voice mail on when people recruit and enlist. we are asking the marines to go and fortify our basses? >> after the fact. why weren't we prepared for the 9/11 anniversary? every anniversary we have had additional resours and we didn't do that in time. the ambassador god bless him was left out holding the bag by himself. they should have had a wider. >> brian: the government said they warned us. >> brian it may be pro u.s. but ain't there. we destroyed the entire infrastructure and these groups can be gotten to by the al-qaida. that's what we are seeing here. >> steve: you believe it was precipitated by the dumb film? >> no. that has been out since june>> steve: 52 how big of a
6:39 am
influence . al zahari. saying we have to appeal the death of the libi. >> absolutey lo. this is orchestred to cause a specific time and place it was well planned. they did information and telling their and getting thuse lieutenants ready to do the protest. i believe the embassy protest in egypt was related. >> gretchen: so if the film is an excuse, how does a member of thitate - the state department or in cairo put out a tweet that seems to use that film as the reason as to why all of this is happening? >> i can't answer that. and i am appalled by that. but governor mitt romney was correct when he said this should not come out. >> steve: the apology? >> the apology. we should have drawn the line
6:40 am
in the sand and saying this is what we will accept or not. he was correct when he said we are giving a policy of wishful thinking and think that everybody is our friend and trying to be nice . the culture of this part of the world understands one thing of force. you have understand there are consequences. >> brian: once george bush is gone everything would be okay and just talk to your enemies. this is the way the scenario goes. larry swarts senior public affairs put out that statement essentially apologize saying we don't agree with the film and riots and he only checked with one person. deputy chief of missions mark severs and he never called back to the state department and 10:10. the administration puts out a at the same time we didn't put that out. you done glea? >> i agree with bing in the
6:41 am
fact that it was a telling moment. the obama administration, they really do think leak this. and that's why you saw the tweet go out with an unguarded moment. we are too often trying to apologize and not think of the consequences. yemen is a consequence. not drawing the line. >> brian: tunisia, too. >> tunisia, too. 92 protestors stormed our embassy in yemen and thorning and tear gas this morning in cairo as well. we are looking at brand new video out of yemen. that doesn't look like a good thing. this arab spring thing. we are told by the main stream media, tony that president obama has been effective in his foreign policy and the arab spring changed everything. >> i sat next to an ambassador who was the defector from
6:42 am
qaddafi and he defected and i sat as close as i am to steve. we are all ready for democracy. i said no, you are not. if you take away the control of qaddafi. he was a dictator, you create a yugoslavia situation like what happened in bos nia. >> brian: and that was a more educated. >> that is the problem here. it is more radicalized practicing population. the idea of this being a success i don't see it. >> brian: what do you do in syria? >> you have to understand. begin with the end in mind. i said this with libya. we didn't understand, we understand if you destroy the mechanism that governs of people of syria and libya. you destroy that country and now have chaos. we don't want it to happen in syria. >> gretchen: thank you so much.
6:43 am
we have to continue now to follow the riots and we'll do that throughout the morning here and how they are already affecting your gas prices. >> brian: these are life pictures from cairo. this is not from yesterday or tuesday night when the may hem began. these are forecast and you are not getting rebukings, you are getting notification of the prime minister morsi. >> steve: we'll have the latest straight ahead. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good.
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6:47 am
more than 350,000 kids will not be inside of the classroom >> $140 in child care. i am not happy about that and i am sure most partners can't afford that. >> gretchen: the teacher's union want more change evaluation system and only 60 percent of the chicago students graduate compared with national average of 75 percent. and an apology for showing russian navy ship in the democratic national convention. the retired navy four star paid tribute to our nation's heros and the committee blaming a vendor error. >> steve: that is a good one. vendor error. folks news alert. there is an attack on the
6:48 am
yemen embassy. that means it is an act of war because that is sovereign u.s. territory. why isn't the white house considering retaliation. >> this an attack by a maul and savage group. not the people or government of libya. everywhere chris and his team went in libya in a country scared by war and tyranny they were hailed friend exercise partners. and when the attack came yesterday, libyans stood and fought to defend our post. >> steve: so can acts of war committed only by foreign government what if foreign people are motivated to attack our embassy? judge napolitano, fox news senior analyst. technically it is not the government that rose up
6:49 am
against the united states. but it is actors within the government? >> if what secretary clinton is correct. she has a political interest in saying what she said. does she encourage president to bomb and rid of the dictator qaddafi and point to the ambassor and permit the people coming in who now run the government of libya. they are not pro western or american and it is in her best interest to say it is not the government because she is unhappy with what happened. if she is right horrific under the law it is not an act of war. that doesn't mean we can't defend our property or pursue the people who did it. it does mean it is unlookly that the u.s. government will use the miliry targets in libya and in order to retaliate for or prevent a reoccurence of that.
6:50 am
>> gretchen: we are sending in navy ships. what are the orders? >> steve: >> i don't know. the navy ships are rack vac americans and others who want to leave. same navy ships were there when we bombed in libya in part to facilitate the bomb for americans that wanted to escape. >> brian: and dropping people on the ground? >> i great question. we don't have a status of forces agreement with this government. if we had a status of forces agreement. our military and intelligence agencies and law enforcement and f.b.i. could be there. without a status was forces agreement they are there in their own peril. the obama administration created a mal storm. >> gretchen: we are going to take a break and carry over. when you see the video and
6:51 am
protestors climbing on the embassy . united states of america what can the united states or governments do. hold your thought and we'll get it right after the break. [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... g vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. savings at bass pro shops. like this thermacell mosquito repellent unit for under $20. save 40% on big horn waterproof hunting boots. and now get these great deals everywhere with one price shopping. just call, click or come in.
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6:53 am
6:54 am
>> continuing coverage on the chaos breaking out. it is a situation in yemen. before we went to break judge napolitano. look at this video, judge. you have these people climbed all over the property of the united states. is this legal? what can be done. >> that reminds you of iran. the buildings they are on belong to the united states of america and the dirt on which the building was built belongs
6:55 am
to the united states of america. the american property extend exercise use violence to protect american personnel and property. approximate this president if he did anything at all did too little too late. >> we can shoot them. >> if they are coming deadly force we absolute low can shoot them. the marines in 1979 dn't because we had a president who had a similarly crazy attitude. >> gretchen: how long do you let it go before you. i mean it is a legal question. >> it is a legal question. there will not be lawyers but these people are train to know. when it looks like it is about to come and they look like they are not going to stop you can use violence to top them before they use violence on
6:56 am
you. >> brian: the muslim brotherhood. it is happening in tunisia and they robbery dispierced and happening in yemen. it is also happening to a degree in iraq. insurgents we were killing came back and making their presence known. i feel bad for anyone. and our soldiers have left our iraqi embassy. there is video out now of the press talking to each other before mitt romney about getting on the same page and asking the same question to mitt romney and attack being him for jumping the gun. >> that shouldn't surprise anybody that the press is on the same page and they collaborate. >> steve: what did you think much what romney said. >> i have a lot of things in consideration . but what he said in my view
6:57 am
was statesman like and for more presidential. >> gretchen: you think the same group of reporters were going to ask president obama those questions. >> you got to be kidding. the president would turn his back. >> steve: where is the media on the store foreand they are focusing on romney instead of the attacks. we'll be right back. t? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis,
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7:00 am
i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, september 13. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. chaos break out throughout the middle east this morning. a day after that deadly attack in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to that country, chris steves. within the hour, the u.s. embassy in yemen was secured after demonstrators stormed the building this morning. this is video of that. they were chanting, death to america, as they ripped down the american flag and set it on fire. according to yemen's embrassy in washington, there were no deaths. >> brian: all of this happening while clashes continue in egypt. here is a live look.
7:01 am
protesters still filling the streets in cairo. police have been using tear gas to dispense thousands of protesters. i hope that we have bolstered our forces because we obviously can't count on them. riots were breaking out in tunisia where protesters burned american flags outside the u.s. embassy. there is speculation now that these clashes are in response to an american produced anti-muslim movie. some don't buy into that. some think it was linked to the 9-11 attacks we marked 11 years on tuesday. >> gretchen: let's go to greg palkot live in london with the very latest. >> thank you. busy morning. we've been working our contacts throughout the region. let's start in yemen. from my contacts on the ground, i just spoke with, they tell me the situation at the u.s. embassy in the capital is now stable, that the crowd, mostly been disperse it was anything but that in the last couple of hours.
7:02 am
people, i am told, were able to work their way in over the wall, the perimeter wall, over the security bastion, into the main compound area in front of the main building. they torched vehicles, smashed windows. they stole items, tore down emblems before the situation could get under control and that was with the help of a massive yemen security force there. it's my understanding and it's not confirmed, that much of the staff at the embassy in yemen at the u.s. embassy has now been evacuated. this a precautionary measure. then you switch over to cairo. we were talking to one of the officials there. he says that at the embassy itself, things are calm enough that they are getting on with their business. but outside of the embassy and that is right in the heart of things, we've been there a few times in cairo, there is action on the street.
7:03 am
protesters are dueling with police. we see tear gas being thrown. we see rocks being thrown. we see vehicles. there is reports of arrests, reports of injuries. just these two incidents, as well as many in other countries related as you guys noted to the u.s.-made film, or the film made in the u.s. critical of mohammed. that also tied to the tragic incident on tuesday in benghazi, an eastern side of libya. we saw chris stevens and three other americans killed. a quick wrap-up there. those four bodies. now we understand at a u.s. military hospital in germany. they were transported out, as was all of the u.s. staff at the benghazi consulate coming in in the other direction, 50 marine, part of a rapid reaction team, f.b.i. agents coming. at least one additional u.s. naval destroyer in the mediterranean off the coast of libya, all this part of a terror
7:04 am
manhunt for it's believed there could be al-qaeda linkages at the benghazi consulate. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. >> steve: yesterday morning in the 10:00 o'clock hour here attention if you were watching, you probably saw mitt romney and he called a press conference to address what was going on and read a statement and did he not back downtown he doubled down and criticized the administration for essentially apologizing through the statement, through the cairo embassy for what had happened. >> brian: here is the statement he released at 10:10. they had that vow of not attacking each other on 9-11. here is what they said. i'm outraged by the attacks on the diplomatic mission and by the death of the american consulate worker in benghazi. at the time we didn't know the ambassador was dead. it's disgraceful that the obama administration's response was sympathize with those who waged the attacks. that's because a state department worker, deputy
7:05 am
secretary, released a statement that followed up with a tweet essentially saying -- condemning the stupid 14-minute trailer and not the attacks and the storming of the embassy. >> gretchen: at this press conference what happened was that all these questions -- i was listening to this in the car. and i found myself thinking, why are all these questions seem to be in the same direction? now we know why. all the questions were about do you regret, mitt romney, making that particular statement, criticizing the president of the united states? mitt romney kept saying no, i don't. then the next question was, do you regret making the statement you made about president obama? well, it turns out now that there is tape, audio tape of reporters getting together before this press conference saying, hey, let's figure out what kind of questions, let's make sure we get in this one particular question. here it is. >> i would say do you regret your questions. >> your question? >> i mean your statement. not even the tone. 'cause then he can go off -- >> if he does, we should follow
7:06 am
up... >> steve: one of the voices you can clearly hear is jan crawford, the woman's voice from cbs news. somebody else who is also reportedly on this open mic event is airy shapiro, a reporter for npr, the guy who won't say the pledge of allegiance and blogged about that. so you can see how the press is coordinating how, when mr. romney comes out, they're going to essentially go after him and try to get him to either double down or walk back. well, he did double down, but doubled down anyway. you would think that they would have asked questions about foreign policy. but instead, it was all about politics. >> gretchen: you think they would be asking questions of the president of the united states whose currently the president of the united states! i mean, is he not in control
7:07 am
right now? that was what was so baffling to me yesterday was all this focus, they immediately spun this entire story about how romney responded and that that was wrong as opposed to what that man did yesterday. >> brian: senator dna coats, a republican, peter king, a republican, and mottoed came on and said he was way off base, they shouldn't have done that. i'm thinking, wait, are these the same republicans who get on mitt romney because he's not bold, he doesn't just lead and act on instinct, that he's too measured? he finally comes out, outraged by the statements, he goes with a public statement, he drops it down, backs it up, and people are saying, well -- the quotes from the president are classic. mitt romney once again has a tendency to shoot and then aim? mitt romney? >> gretchen: that was my reaction, too. whether or not you like mitt romney, this guy can't win. i mean, i'm not talking about the presidential election. he can't win in the eyes of the press or other people because he
7:08 am
is the last guy that many people would describe as somebody who shoots from the hip. people who know him well say he overanalyzes and researches before he makes decisions. that's what he's been criticized about for in the past. now he actually comes out and makes a decision and that's not right either. >> steve: he was criticized, romney, for being political and yet what, does the president of the united states do? yesterday he flew off to do a fund-raiser. eric shawnson from red said had george w. bush gone to a fund-raiser, the national political press would be in an uproar. rush limbaugh had this to say about the main stream media and the coordination of the questions yesterday on his show. >> the obama camp, the campaign, the white house, and the media all condemned romney before they condemned the attacks. obama thought it more worthwhile to hit romney for what he was
7:09 am
doing than the terrorists for what they did. until it's true. by the way, a lot of people out there are independent, like democrats firmly want barak obama reelected. and the press, they say, while they tend to lean left, they are more than leaning, they are fall bore in a swan dive for the president of the united states and got nailed on tape. for those out there who say when in war, you should only have one president at a time of the there is a little problem with that. lbj and richard nixon say, hey, i wish we had those rules during the vietnam rule. what about president george w. bush when he's running against senator john kerry who came forward and marked the 1,000th death in iraq and made it a big event? why wasn't he deferential to the president? >> steve: brian, the press has always been did he have residential to this president, especially when he was running for president. for so many people out there in the country who said, you know,
7:10 am
it sure seems like the main stream media leans toward the president, ladies and gentlemen, exhibit a, coordination of questions to make mitt romney look bad yesterday at his event. we had the judge on earlier. he said mr. romney looked statesmanlike and presidential and the judge didn't disagree with a single thing that mitt romney said. >> gretchen: he has disagreed with him on a lot of things in the past. it will be interesting to see the response coming from these two organizations today. you have to expect to have some sort of a response from npr and cbs, no doubt. the president giving these interviews to "60 minutes" and telemoney dough. he said the reason he didn't condemn the attack is he wanted the facts first. the question this morning is what facts would make it okay for groups to attack our embassy and make us apologize? did we need more facts before there was any sort of better
7:11 am
statement? charles krauthammer weighed in on the cairo example. >> we have to make clear that this cannot be tolerated. the brotherhood has called for a demonstration, for prayers on friday. and i think it has to be incumbent on the president to impress on the egyptians that if anything happens, this entire relationship, including the billion dollars of forgiveness of debt that we had been discussing, is off the table. it's a time to be really tough and to draw red lines here in egypt 'cause otherwise, there is going to be no way we can sustain either our presence there or our relationship. >> brian: secretary of state was the first one to speak out yesterday. the president we want to the rose guard, then somewhere else and then to nevada and sat down with 60 minutes. in between, many people thought you would have trouble sleeping if you didn't know where the ambassador to libya is and he was missing. we didn't recover his body for 12 hours. he was missing for five hours.
7:12 am
>> steve: dredge has the headline. five hours, no one knew where the ambassador was. body not recovered for 12 hours. barak obama went to sleep not knowing what was happening over there. >> gretchen: the rest of your other headlines for today, al-qaeda releasing new video of american hostage warren weinstein, the 71 yearly from maryland, who appears to be in good health. delivered a personal message to israeli prime minister benjamin, netanyahu, asking him to intervene. he was kidnapped by eight armed men who broke into his home. federal reserve chair ben bernanke could announce another stimulus program today. what does that mean? he might decide to print more money. bernanke and his colleagues began talks in the wake of the jobs report. a decision is expected later on this afternoon. nasa set to pay tribute to astronaut neil armstrong later this morning. the first man on the moon, he will be remembered at a public memorial service inside washington's national cathedral.
7:13 am
the 82-year-old former astronaut died last month short low after undergoing caught ruble bypass surgery. he will be buried at sea tomorrow. those with your headlines today. >> steve: coming up on this thursday morning, we're following the chaos overseas. it's happening again today. new questions about the president's handling of the situation over there. are the uprisings a result of the u.s. leading from behind, as was our policy in libya? colonel ralph peters here on that coming up next [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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through mercedes-benz financial services. >> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. we continue to follow new violence this morning. this is a live picture now out of cairo, egypt. president obama being criticized for sending mixed messages and some say leading from behind. with us is fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: as you continue to watch this video coming in with
7:17 am
more violence moving on to other countries, what do you make of it? >> well, it's inevitable result of weakness, of our president's nonpolicy, nonstrategy. leading from behind is just a silly catch phrase that somebody in the white house came up with to try to justify the confusion. our president is clearly an indecisive, fearful, and i believe do you police to us man whose approach has been characterized by naivety and who believes apologizing over and over again for america, the greatest force of freedom in history, and pursuing appeasement as epitomized by those horrific tweets from cairo basically begging people not to attack our embassy because we're very, very sorry for anything we've ever, ever done of the it's tragic. i'm appalled and by the way, i have to say, i'm just so appalled for the establishment media. the issue hasn't been our dead
7:18 am
diplomat or attacks on the embassies. the issue has been mitt romney, who they fear now has an opening. >> gretchen: yes. many people believe that was amazing and not a good way yesterday. i want to have you listen to the president. this is one of the two interviews he gave yesterday, to telemundo where he talks about his decision to wait. listen to this. >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally to the united states? >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government trying to find its way. they were democratically elected. i think that we are going to have to see how they respond to this incident, how they respond, to for example, maintaining the peace treaty with israel. so far at least, what we've seen is that in some cases they've said the right things and taken the right steps. >> gretchen: is this more of the friendly like me kind of rhetoric egypt is not an ally or
7:19 am
enemy. what are they? >> he doesn't know. there is an old maxim in the military, it's very true that a mediocre plan is better than a perfect plan too late. this president is a hamlet guy who wants all the facts and you never get all the facts in time. the world doesn't work that way. so again, i look at his nonstrategy strategy and i'll tell you this, any strategy that can be utterly undone by an amateur video clip isn't much of a strategy. >> gretchen: do you believe that's what sparked it? we know people on this morning think that's just a little bit of a cover, that maybe these were orchestrated attacks or that that video six months old, didn't really have much to do with it. >> well, see, the answer is in between. the video is not the cause of the assassination of our ambassador or the attacks on the embassy. but the video was a useful tool
7:20 am
for the al-qaeda types to use to get the average ill lit rat or semi illiterate arab out of the streets as cover. we provided -- the film maker provided them fuel. it did play a role as a tool. it's not the ultimate cause. if i may, the thing i worry about now is that obama, he doesn't want any drama before the election. he knows he needs to do something, so i'm very concerned that he's going to do a bill clinton, throw some cruise missiles at empty huts in the desert and pretends that solves the problem. but honestly, examine you heard tony schaefer and othersand it sounds harsh, in this part of the world, the only thing these radical islamist fanatics understand is brute force. they kill four of ours. you kill 400 of theirs. nothing else works. sorry, harvard.
7:21 am
sorry, yale, sorry, princeton, your theory is flopped. when our people are killed, you kill them in large numbers. >> gretchen: lieutenant colonel ralph peters, never one to mince words, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> gretchen: we've been telling you about the main stream bias, now there is evidence. reporters caught next ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank.
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7:24 am
>> gretchen: 4 minutes after the top of the hour, let's do some news by the numbers. americans below the poverty line in 2011. the highest, unfortunately, in more than half a century. next, $750,000, the estimated value of mini liquor bottles stolen by workers at jfk airport. they reportedly took them from a food vendor. then sold them on the underground market to local liquor stores.
7:25 am
finally, 8.99. that's how much gas is. not kidding. that's how much a gallon of gas costs at some luke oil stations in new jersey and pennsylvania. the stations protesting what they call unfair company pricing. >> brian: does it come with a driver? >> steve: making a statement. >> brian: we've been telling you about the main stream media's bias for president obama and some say, well, it doesn't exist. i think you're making it up. not anymore. i think we got proof. reporters caught on open mike coordinating gotcha questions for governor mitt romney in florida yesterday. watch. >> i would say do you regret your questions. >> your question? >> i mean your statement. not even the tone 'cause then he can go off -- >> then if he does >> brian: the actual questions were exactly like that.
7:26 am
>> steve: absolutely. doesn't that sound like solid proof that the main stream media, the press traving with mr. romney and across the country, perhaps pushing for the president? let's talk to the host of stossel and the author of "no, they can't," john stossel. good morning to you. you've been a reporter for a very long time. you ever coordinate anything like that with you and geraldo? >> well, i was never in the in crowd, so i was not in the coordination business. >> steve: the whole thing about reporters is very competitive. you want to ask the good question on your own. you don't want to be duck tailing into somebody else. >> i think you're making more of this than it is. they have a limited time with the president, with the candidate and they want to make sure that they get an answer to this question. so they do a little coordination. you're also saying they're all in the tank for obama. i think it's less they're in the tank for obama, at least my experience of the main stream media, but that they hate conservatives and republicans and this awful romney guy, we have to make sure we pin him
7:27 am
down on this. so they make sure they don't duplicate questions. i'm sure there are times when they do this -- >> gretchen: john, john -- >> brian: if you don't duplicate questions, a lot of times you can listen to the question. >> gretchen: they have more than one question on their sheet. >> they may only get to ask one question. >> gretchen: so if i have five questions on my sheet and if i hear brian next to me ask the question that i had as number one, then give to number two. >> if he got an answer to number 1. i don't deny that they're biased against republicans and they want to get romney. >> steve: right. >> but i think this coordination stuff you're making more out of -- >> steve: you know, for a lot of conservatives and people who support mitt romney, it did look -- and if you saw the press conference, there were seven questions in a row, you would think they would be talking about foreign policy. but instead, do you feel bad about -- talking about his --
7:28 am
>> brian: did you jump the gun. >> steve: his statement earlier regard o'clock the apology statement put out by the cairo embassy. >> i would cover the issues. but look, on this program you spend more time covering the politics, how is this helping the presidential race, hurting, than you do on the issues. >> gretchen: do you think that the reporters in the white house press corp. sit around and decide all together, let's have one question for president obama so no matter who calls on, we all have the same tough question? >> i don't know. i haven't been there. they certainly aren't as eager to get obama as they are to get his critics. >> steve: the thing about this -- where we are in the campaign right now, the election is hanging in the balance. i mean, if they can really make mitt romney look bad on something big like this, that's going to take its toll. >> also in the main office if they get a good got dcha question, the bosses will say, good job. >> steve: it looks like they were coordinating the got cha question because they were trying to trap mitt romney in a
7:29 am
corner. >> they want something that will get on their air that will be news worthy and think, let's make sure we all get something news worthy. >> gretchen: that seems to be the anti-thieves of why people go -- antithesis of why people go into being a reporter. to go the story on your own, not sit around in a whole group and go, hey, let's all be the same. that's that's not what gets tout top of the reporting field. >> these press conferences are not reporting anyway. >> gretchen: yeah, they are. >> it's show business. you don't get much news out of that. reporting is going out in the field and seeing what's going on. reporting is going to libya. >> gretchen: i think people disagree with you, with the presidential election coming up in 50 some days, i do think those questions that we're asking the president and candidate were extremely important. >> steve: and the president of the united states, we should point out, took no questions yesterday. john, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> brian: watch stossel when? >> tonight. thursday, 9:00 o'clock. >> brian: we'll watch it. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: up next, we give
7:30 am
nearly $2 billion in aid to libya and egypt. now our embassies are under attack. is it time to stop the money flow? senator james inhofe has an opinion and he'll yell it to us. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire.
7:31 am
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why not try some place different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. >> gretchen: we continue to follow this fox news alert story today. the chaos in the middle east, more violence spreading throughout that part of the world this morning, a day after that attack in benghazi that
7:34 am
killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. u.s. embassy in yemen finally secured now. this is video out of yemen. check that out. climbing on the embassy. hundreds of demonstrators stormed the building earlier this morning chanting death to america as they ripped down the american flag and set it on fire. according to yemen's embassy in washington, there were no deaths. all of this happening while clashes continue in egypt. let's take a live look now out of cairo. protesters filling the streets in die -- cairo for a second day. riots break out in tunisia where rioters burned an american flag. there has been speculation they're in response to that anti-muslim movie, but intelligence officers think maybe it was all linked to the 11th anniversary of september 11. >> steve: let's bring in james inhofe, a member of the senate armed services and the senate foreign relations and he's calling for congressional
7:35 am
hearings over the attacks. we'll get to that in just a moment. but senator, in the last 48 hours, we did lose a patriot in ambassador chris stevens. i know you are friendly with him. tell us about him. >> not much has been said about chris stevens. he's recently confirmed and i want to make sure everyone watching this now knows he's not just some political act that was appointed by the president. he is a professional. he's had tough duty in jerusalem, tripoli, all over that part of the world. so he was really quality. he was in my office just a matter of weeks ago and kind of expressed to me all the problems that were over there and a lot of the things he said at that time were actual lea going on of the he was very open. so let's remember, we lost a real american hero. >> brian: the deputy prime minister who someone you probably also know over in libya said that as he regrets the things he's supposed to do, he says they warned the americans
7:36 am
to get out of the embassy and beef up security. instead, we had six lightly armed personnel there and even the commandos that attacked the base had a second wave because they thought the building was more fortified than it was. what have you heard about this? >> i heard the same thing you have, but that's the reason that we want these hearings. that has to be resolved as how they did or didn't respond to that. the rules of engagement, this is very, very significant. i think it's been said many times that in a consulate like libya, you don't have the marines to the same level do you if it's an embassy. but even if they were there, you have to understand what the rules of engagement were because they have to answer to the commander in chief. so we've called for those hearings, the hearings to be both in the center of foreign relations committee and center of armed services committee to -- we don't really know how chris stevens died. first report said it was a rocket going into a car. then, of course, the suffocation.
7:37 am
so these things we need to find out. >> gretchen: senator, do you have any hope that those hearings will actually start before the election day? >> well, no. they should and they could. you can start them tomorrow. these hearings should start. in fact, the big question -- i heard allen west earlier, he's a great person to have on, very knowledgeable. he called for the suspension of us going to these countries. i would like to put this down and at least suspend them at this time until we have these hearings. let's keep in mind, this is a big deal. we have four countries right now attacking america. when you attack an embassy, you're attacking america. we can't sit around and wait for hearings. we got to do it right now. that's with we called for and we hope to get the answers to these questions. we don't have them right now. by the way, i have to say this, i was on your show four years ago and no reason you remember this, when the president first went to egypt to declare his --
7:38 am
>> steve: the apology tour. >> yeah. >> steve: we do remember that. do you think what's happening in those four countries that you just mentioned, and new stuff today, it's happening because of our foreign policy, whatever the heck that is over there right now? >> yeah. what foreign policy? the policy of appeasement. yes, it's happening as a result of that. i would never ask some of our good friends in israel to repeat publicly what they talked to us about privately, but you know, they say, why -- for the first time since the independence back in the 40s, they have a president who is trashing israel, our only friend there. so this thing is huge. we mentioned four countries, let me tell you, it's not going to stop there. there is war against america throughout the entire region. they're attacking us now. >> gretchen: many americans are upset that the millions of dollars continues to be funneled into these nations. i remember having this discussion last year about pakistan as well after they arrested people there who helped
7:39 am
to get osama bin laden. let's take a look at the numbers to see how much money we're actually giving to these countries. libya in 2011, 163 1/2 million dollars. egypt in 2012, $1.6 billion. there it is. let's listen to the president on whether or not we should continue that foreign aid. >> the united states doesn't have an option of withdrawing from the world and we're the one indispensable nation, countries all around the world look to us for leadership, even countries where sometimes you experience protests. so it's important for us to stay engaged. >> brian: we already did suspend aid to pakistan for a while and that is a reward. it's not -- we don't just give it away. do you think we should reconsider the billions that we're giving egypt second only to israel and the countries we support? >> you got to keep in mind, there's a responsibility of the host nation to provide security.
7:40 am
clearly that wasn't done. i think yes -- i think rather than say you cut off, you suspend it until we get the answers to the three big questions that we don't know out there. we can too this. we can do this very, very soon. but you got to get their attention. we know that passivity doesn't work. we know the policy has been a disaster over there. we even said this four years ago on your program, that we can expect the policy of appeasement doesn't work in the middle east. >> brian: right. here is the thing, we're in the final stages of organizing a $1 billion package to ease the rising debt burden of this muslim brotherhood, this morsi government. we should stop that today, at the very least, and reexamine until this hearing gets started. don't you agree? >> you have to do that. suspend it. i would use that word 'cause we need answers that we don't have right now today. >> steve: senator, before you go, got to ask you, yesterday we were talking about how the cairo
7:41 am
embassy had sent out that apology to the protesters and some have been spinning it as well, that's just one person who wasn't speaking on behalf of the white house. we've had some guests on who said it had to come from washington. who is running the show? who is running foreign policy? >> the one thing i can guarantee you is that the white house saw that, they approved the statement that went out, and that sounds exactly like the words that none other than the president obama would use. that's been his policy now for four years. it's a failed policy. it doesn't work. this is our opportunity to change that policy. let's wait and see what he does. >> brian: you would think if they have the name and the process, that guy would at least be fired today or sent home to explain himself. so far he's on duty, not even reprimanded reportedly. so we'll find out if there is more to that story. senator inhofe, thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> gretchen: coming up next on "fox & friends," we toppled
7:42 am
gadhafi and now our ambassador to libya murdered, assassinated. so did the u.s. really do enough after last year's arab spring to prevent this chaos? juan williams and andrea tantaros here to debate that next. ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪
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>> brian: quick headlines. get your big max, now you'll have to come face-to-face with the reality of just how bad it is for you before you good night byte in and spit it out. starting next week, mcdonald's is adding calorie counts. they're tossing up the idea of serving grilled chicken nuggets. i would love that idea. and if you feel like someone is watching you, you're probably right and it's gretchen. the town of bristol burrow in pennsylvania wants live stream police surveillance video in hopes police will report a crime in real time. vote is expected next month.
7:46 am
steve? >> steve: thank you. fox news alert. what's going on over there, these are the latest pictures. as you can see, plus some from a while back. why? because the arab spring, remember that? it could soon become the arab winter. last year's middle east uprisings that you see right there that toppled leaders in four countries, including hosni mubarak and his 30-year reign in egypt and moammar gadhafi's 40-year dictatorship in libya. got trouble in both those countries now. after tuesday's attack in both those countries, many are wondering, did the united states do enough during the arab spring to protect itself? here to weigh in are the hosts of "the five," juan williams and andrew i can't tantaros. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: andrea, did we overdo it when it came to what we did in egypt? we squeezed out hosni mubarak, who might have been a strong man, might have been a bad guy, but he was on our side. instead now we've got the muslim
7:47 am
brotherhood. >> it was pretty obvious what would happen. remember the day hosni mubarak was toppleed. they assumed they wanted democracy somehow, they wanted what we have. they didn't, steve. and any student of foreign policy knows that the muslim brotherhood in egypt controls the mosques. they control the unions. we've heard that they have influenced the clerics that spurred that outburst yesterday. so listen, i think the administration went into this so naively during the arab spring, to just assume we can oust an ally and things would get better and they did the same thing basically in libya. now we are being attacked, our embassies are being attacked and what do we have the white house doing and the prop of the democratic party, the main stream media? going after mitt romney. there is no talk of what's happening or how we're going to fix this violence. >> steve: juan, ultimately it comes down to whatever our foreign policy is over there, and we've had a number of people on the program today who said,
7:48 am
you know, essentially the policy is if anything, appeasement. that's why we're seeing what we're seeing over there. >> well, i think that what we have here is an effort by the united states that goes back several generations to try to promote democracy and freedom in the arab world. after 9-11, it was apparent that there were people in the arab world who were not representing the will as the american government saw it, of the arab people in terms of educating, giving them opportunities, giving them freedom and that it was then being blamed on the united states for supporting strong men and dictators over there and the idea was, i think, under president bush, as well as president obama, let's support democracy. let's get it in iraq. let's get it in afghanistan. let the people speak and, you know, sometimes when the people speak, they don't -- people don't vote way you want then to vote. but that's not our call. it's an arab country.
7:49 am
it's libya, it's egypt. it's yemen. so that's the way they voted. i don't see that's our responsibility. >> we don't know that they want democracy. i mean, to hear square was fundamentally very different than philadelphia on the eve of the constitutional convention. and you know, if you read bernard lewis, and you really read what the koran says, there is only two things that they want. why they're encouraged to do jihad. they will not stop fighting until two things happen. one, everybody in the world is a muslim or everyone is ruled by muslims. and this goes back sentries. if you read bernard lewis, you will see you have to fight them with brute force. this cannot be appeasement. they're not look for our constitutional convention. they're looking to kill and murder us and they will not stop until we get serious. >> steve: it kind of looks like that. juan, you get to be first on the other side of this time out. andrea and juan sticking around. reporters caught on tape plotting what appear to be gotcha questions for mitt romney. seems like there is some
7:50 am
coordination. it could be exhibit a in proving that media bias does exist in a big way in this country. first, on this day in 1990, "release me "by wilson phillips, number one song in america. you'll have to trust me on that one. we'll be back in a minute [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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7:53 am
(we heard a lot about the main stream media for president obama and now there is proof on audio tape. reporters caught coordinating gotcha questions for governor mitt romney. listen to this.
7:54 am
>> gretchen: here is how it played out then after the coordination during the real press conference. >> statement last night, do you regret the tone at all given what we know now? >> do you think coming so soon after the events really unfolded overnight was appropriate to be weighing in on this crisis is unfolding? >> do you regret having that statement come out so early before we learned about all of the things that were happening? >> brian: do we need any more proof that the major media organizations are in the tank for the president? coordinating their attack plan, reiterating the same question with a few mirranged verbs? joining us now, rejoining us, juan williams. is there any more proof you need why president obama with his horrendous economic record is tied or leading governor romney than that? >> you know, i think we're look at something very differently
7:55 am
here, brian, because to me, reporters, and i don't care if it's a republican, democrat, independent, reporters are always trying to get politicians to answer the tough question. i think that's what you see there. if your argument to me is, do i think that reporters in general are more liberal than conservative, i think polls have shown you're exactly right. >> steve: juan, did you watch the press conference? because if you did, you would see it was absolutely hostile toward mr. romney. it's like nothing i've ever seen at the white house. but have you as a long-time washington reporter, ever coordinated with a bunch of people in the room to make sure you were able to trap somebody in a corner? >> of course. >> steve: really? >> we coordinate. >> steve: with some of your politician journalists? >> sure, politicians are spinners and they avoid questions. they don't want to deal with the hard questions. they want to get their message out and you're trying to get them off message.
7:56 am
they pick out their favorites or whatever. >> gretchen: andrea, that seems to fly in the face of why people get into the field of reporting, because in all the jobs that i had covering news, it was always competitive. you always wanted to be the one who was asking the best question on your own. >> because that's how you sell papers. that's how you make a profit. now, the goal is not making a profit. it's making sure that president obama stays in office and that liberal policies are advanced. these heads of these organizations should start explaining and they should start apologizing. but i don't think they're going to. we're look at npr, i don't have to tell you. if they didn't apologize for what they did to you, i don't think we're going to see an apology. i have to disagree with you on one point, you said they're always look for the tough questions. what enchants you about your job? what delights you about your job? what's your biggest -- those are not the tough questions that we've seen coming out of this white house. and we heard jake tapper recently come out and say they were in the tank for president obama in 2008. >> brian: it was embarrassing. >> we see they are again now.
7:57 am
>> steve: jake tapper tweeted yesterday that he does not coordinate with anybody else. we're going to have to ends it there. watch more of "the five" people on "the five." >> gretchen: coming up, we're continuing this conversation with michelle malkin at the top of the hour. don't miss it. >> brian: plus, paul wolfowitz is in our green room and the chaos in yemen overnight hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it?
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is thursday, september 13, 2012, i'm gretchen carlson. we began with a fox news alert for you. chaos breaking out throughout the middle east this morning, a day after the deadly attack in benghazi. four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. u.s. embassy in yemen secure, but protesters stormed the building early thissier this morning of the they were chanting death to america as they ripped down the american flag and set it on fire. minutes ago, senior white house officials said the yemeni government is working with us to maintain order and protect our facilities and people.
8:01 am
>> brian: all of this happening while clashes continue in egypt. here is a live look in cairo. let's watch. protesters are filling the streets. it looks about the same as it did a half hour ago. police have been using tear gas to disburse thousands of protesters. they're pretty good at breaking up protests if they want to. riots breaking out in tunisia where protesters reportedly burned american flags. i think we can confirm that. outside the u.s. embassy. there has been speculation they're in response to an american producer's anti-muslim movie. by the way, a producer we can't find now. but intelligence officers think it's a possibility that this was linked to the 11th anniversary of 9-11. >> steve: we have live team fox coverage this morning. wendell goler is live at the state department. we start with greg palkot. he's been monitoring the new protests breaking out. tell us. >> it has been a busy morning here. let's first go to that yet another u.s. embassy under
8:02 am
attack in the yemeni capital. i am told that things are calm now, but they weren't calm this morning. thousands of protesters managed to get in front of the embassy and some of them were able to scale the perimeter walls, break through the main gate, and enter the security building. we've been there. it's a pretty strong building. but they entered that and then got into the main compound in front of the embassy. they torched cars, smashed windows, stole equipment before a strong yemeni security force was able to get in there and fight them back. again, it is calm now, i am told, but i am also told, unconfirmed, that most of the u.s. staffers in the embassy have been evacuated to a safer place. yemen, of course, home to one of the most dangerous branches of the al-qaeda terror network. in cairo, as brian noted, in egypt, a third day of protests near the u.s. embassy, police clashing with protesters there. i am told by sources inside the
8:03 am
embassy that the embassy itself is calm, that is security keeping the folks away. of course, on tuesday, we saw the dramatic scene of protesters scaling the wall. believed to be a motivating factor, that anti-muslim movie. also al-qaeda links as we've seen in benghazi and the u.s. consulate there which left the deadly scene of four people killed, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. his body, others injured, now being treated in a germany u.s. military medical hospital. back to you. >> brian: all right. greg palkot. thanks. moments ago, the white house weighed in on this morning's violent outburst in yemen saying it will continue to support the united states mission there. yemen is a hot bed for terrorists in training. this question this morning, could this be part of a larger plot marking 9-11 attacks? fox news senior white house and foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler has more.
8:04 am
that place must be white hot today. >> it is. officials say the benghazi attack was complex and well planned and not just the protests that spiraled out of control as libyan authorities first portrayed it, as house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers of michigan put it, this was not just some guys who had guns in the garage and said let's go shoot up the consulate. now, libya's government hasn't been able to disarm the militias that overthrew moammar gadhafi and that's a problem because security at diplomatic installations is mainly the responsibility of the host country. it's still not clear that the anti-islam film that sparked protests in egypt was behind the benghazi attack. protesters smashed windows, hauled down examine burned the american flag, they didn't actually enter the embassy building. yesterday secretary of state clinton rejected the idea that the anti-islam film justified violent behavior. >> some have thought to justify this vicious behavior, along
8:05 am
with the protests that took place at our embassy in cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. but let me be clear, there is no justification for this. none. >> the u.s. consulate in benghazi doesn't have a marine detachment like the embassy in tripoli. it's essentially a group of houses and an annex. u.s. officials say libyan security forces and at least one of the libyan militias eventually joined the fight against the attackers, so they don't think there was any complicity by the libyan government. they also say they're getting cooperation from the yemeni government work to forget the embassy and there may be more than the film behind the protests today in yemen. remember, the number two leader
8:06 am
of al-qaeda was killed there earlier this week. brian, steve, gretchen? >> gretchen: wendell goler, thanks so much. time to bring in michelle malkin as we do every week. michelle, there is a lot being made right now about this sort of hot mike situation where reporters apparently were planning these sort of gotcha questions for mitt romney yesterday, instead of asking what would he do, it was what he would he do wrong. let's listen. >> steve: so it kind of looks to us like coordination of the main stream media. we can talk for a millions years on this channel how the main
8:07 am
stream media definitely tilts to the left. we had juan williams on a little while ago and he said, sometimes reporters and he says he's done it as well, they coordinate so that slippery politicians can't get away. >> yeah, if it looks, sounds, talks like journal tools for obama, it is what he is. i'm glad juan williams is being more candid about the coordination that goes on of the we have to give credit to new media, it was a young blogger from the right who picked up on this and really ballooned yesterday and nine the main stream media is being confronted with something so obvious to those of us who have worked on both sides of the aisle. i've worked in new media, old media, dead tree newspaper journalism for many years and seen how the sausage is made in these sausage factories. and of course, they think they can get away with it. this is a different year. if you look how carried away
8:08 am
they got and how they just simply couldn't help themselves as tools, as stenographers for the people currently in power, to try and embarrass the gop candidate when the story of the day yesterday was obama's dereliction of duty, not mitt romney's. >> gretchen: two things jump out at me about that. okay, let's say that sometimes there is coordination that goes on. i find that hard to believe having been a reporter for years. i never ascribed to that at all. but let's just say on its face that that happened. once you ask the question that you've all agreed upon, then don't you move on to question number 2? but they didn't. they asked that question six or seven times. >> yes. that's right. anybody who watched that knew that this was really an underlying and exclamation point on the obituary of main stream objective news. and like i've been in news a long time, too, gretchen, and i have seen this kinds of
8:09 am
coordination. a couple of years ago it all came out that mean of these so-called main stream journalists, young liberal progressives, who worked at bottom of the barrel blogs and who now are main streamed in the "washington post," for example, were running a list, e-mail list where they would talk about coordinating their messages. the list was called jurno list and they lied about the fact that there were democratic operatives who are also participating this. main stream journalism is dead and thank god for outlets like fox news, the blogs, talk radio, and citizen journalists who can speak truth to powers thanks to bitter and facebook and alternate ways of getting the message out there. that's how this off mike audio got out there in the first place. >> brian: michelle, you got two things going on right now because you have 56 days until there is an election. i just don't understand why people have forgotten how senator kerry, whether you liked it or not, i'm not saying it was wrong, he went after president bush in the middle of a war
8:10 am
about his war strategy! we saw this in a daily basis with vietnam, i understand, as we play back. these guys went at lbj. they went at nixon about his policies. there was no objection when jimmy carter was questioned about the hostage crisis. so why all of a sudden people upset about mitt romney? >> it's a great question, brian. and maybe we should grill some of these journalists. they should be the ones on the podium getting these questions and coordinate them and put them on the spot. but the double standard, they're tripling and quadrupling down on and i think we'll see this all the way through november. just to underscore something that i said a couple of weeks ago, these are the same people who are going to be running the debates in just a couple of weeks. i really wish there were more citizen outrage at the way these things were coordinated. >> steve: michelle, clearly romney's statement was devastating to the president of the united states where he said, you know, you can't have the embassy sending out these apology notes because it was devastating to obama because now
8:11 am
the main stream media is screaming bloody murder. >> yeah, that's right. and just to take this more bigger picture, you've got this petty, partisan, sniping left dog media and they cannot see the bigger picture here. and provide the proper context in reporting on what's going on in the middle east now. here they are all fixated on terry jones, they're falling for the propaganda of these islamic imperialists when it has nothing to do with this obscure internet video, clips of which have been floating around since june. the providence of which is still under question. and they report it anyway as if that's what's really going on here when there is a larger pretext going on and manufacturing. the fact that they still call these protests when these are violent attacks that have been happening. >> brian: when the coptic christians were having their churches blown up, were there riots in the american embassies in washington, d.c. at those
8:12 am
countries, or at the egyptian consulate? no. we take it, we make our opinions and move on. what is wrong with these people that they can't see -- they can see a $2 movie and all of a sudden, all these years and all this money and all the support we've given them goes out the window? there has got to be some deep thinking about where we go from here. >> that's right. and again, remember the pretense because they will find any excuse to come up and concoct an insult to islam or an insult to the prophet mohammed. i've talked about this many years, for as long as i've been on this air, whether it was the mohammed cartoons or the pope or the novel, salmon rushdie's work, southpark episodes, for goodness sake. there is an american cartoonist who wanted to do drama mohammed day who is still in hiding because these people cannot tolerate religious diversity. >> gretchen: when you think about all the christianity,
8:13 am
we're supposed to turn a blind eye to it, it's amazing the dichotomy. >> then we have the white house -- >> gretchen: we're up against a hard break. we'll see you again next week another big story, weekly jobless numbers, 15 minutes from now. there is the economy to talk about, too. we'll bring them to you live along with what they might mean for the presidential candidates. >> steve: then should the assault on libya and the murder of our ambassador be considered an act of war? paul wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense, is here. he'll be on the couch in two minutes ♪ [ male announcer ] finally, mom's oven-baked tastes straight from the microwave. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce.
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just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. this a live look outside the national cathedral, washington, d.c in two hours, nasa set to pay tribute to astronaut neil armstrong, the first man on the moon, with a public memorial there. the 82-year-old former astronaut died last month shortly after undergoing smart surgery. he will be buried at sea
8:17 am
tomorrow. we're now hearing from the mother of slain ambassador to libya, chris stevens. telling the daily news she has a hole in her heart and saying libya was exactly where her son wanted to be. his mom saying, quote, he did love what he did and did a very good job with it. he could have done a lot of other things, but this was his passion. she hopes her son's work can continue, but has harsh words for those responsible for his death, saying, quote, i sure do feel animosity towards those nuts who got in there and did this. but it had nothing to do with the policyics of libya. they were not insurgents. they were islamic fanatics, end quote. stevens' mom heading from california to washington to collect her son's body. brian? >> brian: so should the attacks that killed stevens and the attacks on our embassies be considered acts of war? let's ask former foreign ambassador, paul wolfowitz.
8:18 am
welcome. could all of this unrest beginning in lib why been avoided? >> look, i think some of this is unavoidable. i think what we're seeing is really unfortunate because in july you had an election where it was conducted generally pretty peacefully. the result was remarkable. the muslim brotherhood came in a distant second. they're the ones who control a very large sect of the weapons and the guns, they're in effect trying to undo the result of the election through violence. this isn't the only -- this is a first attack on americans, but there was an attack a few days ago, two weeks ago, i guess, on a mosque in the heart of tripoli because these extremists don't think that that particular kind of islam is okay. so they go in with bulldozers and clear it away. >> brian: you believe the way we fought the war has everything to
8:19 am
do with what happened on tuesday. why? >> nothing has a single cause, so everything to do maybe is overstating. but yes, i think the fact that we basically took a hands off approach when libyan opposition was pleading with us to help arm them and train them and equip them. instead, we left this to other people whose values are very different from ours and very different from main stream libya. those people are now the ones with guns. this attack on the embassy wasn't an innocent, unarmed mob. it was heavy weapons. >> brian: we also found out that their deputy, prime minister issue action warned us, violence is coming your way. we recommend you get out of there. how does that message not get through? >> i'm not sure about that. i really don't know. i don't think the answer is to get out. if he said get out, we should have said nonsense, you need to do a better job of protecting us. one of the questions that's going to be asked is with that kind of warning, why didn't we
8:20 am
do a better job of forgetting ourselves? but running away is not the answer and apologizing. >> brian: if they're only going to give you five marines and 100 commandos coming your way, you may not have a choice. if this falls in your lap, which you had a loft major decisions fall in your lap, how do you respond? what's the correct way? >> it's not just defense department responsibility. in fact, first and foremost, it's a state department and the white house itself. it has to make very clear to these governments that they're going to be accountable for what takes place in their country. in the case of libya, the government still doesn't really control the security forces and i think that's a problem that has to be addressed and addressed with some urgency. in the case of libya, it's not clear which side the president is on. i think we can't allow him to slither through with an ambiguous position about something as serious as this. >> brian: the f.b.i. is there on the ground. so hopefully we'll get names and locations and hopefully we'll be
8:21 am
able to follow that through. how we do that, that's one of the questions we'll ask the former deputy secretary of defense and former president of the world bank, paul wolfowitz, when he sticks around. mr. secretary, back with you in just a moment. >> okay. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon...
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8:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. so long, super size. the new york city board of health will make a decision later today on mayor michael bloomberg's proposed soda ban of the the law would put a 16-ounce limit on sugary drinks, salt at restaurants, delis, sports facilities and street carts. great. wrestling legend jerry the king lawler is improving after suffering a heart attack during a live event. his girlfriend says he's awake, alert, and able to talk.
8:25 am
lawler's son says a cat can also shows that the wrestler is coming back to normal. >> gretchen: paul wolfowitz joins us again. he was the deputy secretary of defense under president george w bush and former u.s. ambassador under president reagan. the question is, with so many muslim extremists determined to take down the united states, where do we go from here? >> huge question. i think i'd start with one point, which i was saying before the break, in libya you had an election where the great majority of the libyan people and it's a conservative muslim society, but the great majority rejected these extremists, but they have the guns. i think part of where we go from here is to work with that majority to givethem greater abilityo deal with an extremism that i think threatens them even more than us and threatens every woman in the arab world. you don't do it by, quote -- to
8:26 am
ea asia. i think the preside has sent a ment that the middle east is history, that the war in iraq is over, tell the iraqis that. war in afghanistan will be over soon. it's not going to be over. but the americans will be gone and when you start sending that kind of message, the people who should be our allies become afraid. they're weakened and the result is not going to be good for them or for americans. >> steve: can i ask you, we're going to play a bit, 25- 30-second sound bite from the president talking to telemundo. what message is he sending to egypt and this because he doesn't characterize whether we're on their side or not. listen to this. >> would you consider the current egyptian regime an ally of the united states? >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally. but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that's trying to find its way. they were democratically elected. i think that we are going to
8:27 am
have to see how they respond to this incident, how they respond to, for example, maintaining the peace treaty with israel. so far, at least, what we've seen is that in some cases they said the right things and taken the right steps. >> steve: it sounds like he's trying to have it both ways. >> or no way at all, i think. i think there ought to be some clarity about what are the standards that need to be met? obviously -- i mean, i would have put out a question mark as to whether -- the two incidents were different. attack in libya was basically military attack in the middle of the night. the one in egypt went on for hours with the security forces doing nothing about it. i think a first question is, what is -- president morsi, as far as i understand it, has done nothing about the subject. >> brian: he condemned of what happened in libya but not in his own country and allowing it to happen again today! >> i would say he's in a wishy washy message to the egyptians that basically said, we'll wait
8:28 am
and see. >> gretchen: what should the president have said? ally on enemy? >> i don't think you have to -- i think he should have said, we're going to see why you didn't protect the embassy properly, why you're putting out noxious stuff about the united states, including 9-11 -- what's the word for it -- the questioning who did 9-11. there is dangerous anti-american propaganda. are you going to ton feed it or stop it? i think that kind of message is very clear. i think chris stevens was a magnificent man. >> brian: you knew him. >> and we could not have had a better ambassador. terrible loss. >> steve: terrible story. >> gretchen: thank you. another big story that we're following, weekly jobless numbers due out any moment. the economy still very important as well. we'll bring those numbers to you live, along with what they mean for the presidential candidates. >> brian: the embassy in egypt apologized for hurting the feelings of those who attacked
8:29 am
our embassy. did washington know they were putting out that statement and the following tweet? save 40% on big horn waterproof hunting boots. and now get these great deals everywhere with one price shopping. just call, click or come in. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>> steve: fox business alert. labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. not good. 382,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's up from 365 the week before and more than expected. 370 was the hear get number.
8:33 am
we have liz mcdonald from "fox business" network. this is not going the right direction. >> that's right. it's worse than what the economists expected. they expected 370,000. but this is right if line with the very slow recovery and a tepid economic growth. we've got the economy growing by i think when you do the math, by 265 billion a year. amized -- >> steve: less than 2%? >> yeah. less than 2%. that's right. so when you think about it, it's right in line with how the economic growth is really coming in very poorly. >> steve: that's too bad. >> gretchen: how does this fall into place with the jobless numbers that we got last week? >> what's really interesting is we're watching the trend. it's basically about flat. there is no improvement. so when we see this for a number of months now. i got to tell you something, when you think about it, when you think about moody's threaten again to possibly ditch examine downgrade the u.s., it's because the government spending is more than the size of the u.s. economy and it's an economy that's just not growing right now.
8:34 am
>> steve: our lead story today is about the trouble in the middle east. wall street and the spot gas market across the globe always reflects what's happening. if there is trouble over there, we see it immediately almost at the gas pump. how are things reacting? >> we see gas prices up a nickel versus a week ago, 17 cents a month ago, up 23 cents, so not gyrating so out of control. some would say was this 1979 again? welcome back, kotter era. and roller disco. i think gretchen. >> gretchen: i did my share of roller skating. >> with your violin. what the issue is, the middle east has an incentive to keep oil prices high because they have to do a lot of social spending to avoid an arab spring in their own backyard. that's the issue. so how do they placate their restless population?
8:35 am
can did does give us 30% of their oil. >> brian: you always tell us it's global market, so even if we got it, the price will be fixed, correct? >> the issue is opec sits on three quarters of the world's reserve. 40% of the supply. so they're a gig gorilla. >> gretchen: what about the whole idea of ben bernanke possibly deciding to print more money? >> i know. when you think about that, printing more money, has that helped? corporate profits are up, the markets are up nicely. it's also more about putting that money printing of a cushion below the fiscal cliff, too? is it affecting gas price as soon as i think that's your questions. >> gretchen: i'm also asking if it's a political decision. >> we've seen that in prior elections. the "new york times" reported that yesterday. george h.w. bush basically -- not that he pressured the federal reserve, but there was talk between the nixon administration. >> brian: they didn't listen to george bush 41 and that's why,
8:36 am
he believes, he lost. >> steve: the thing about bernanke, i'm sure he has a television in his off. he heard mitt romney said if elected, mitt romney works fire ben bernanke. >> brian: the private sector is fine. >> steve: the private sector is doing fine. before you go, one other thing about gas prices and that is last year with the arab spring, prices shot up. when libya went molten hot, they weapon up. does this mean gas speculators aren't thinking this is a big deal? >> i'm so happy you brought that up. when gas price go down, you never hear about them railing against the speculators. it's a supply issue. yes, the transcanada fight was a serious one about drilling. transcanada pipeline would lower gas prices by 4 cents. but the president will say drilling isn't the answer. but drilling really does help natural gas supply prices because those prices have been coming way down. that is a fact of more supply.
8:37 am
>> brian: we're out of time and i don't have a nickname for you. is it lizzie? >> yes, lizzie a y. >> brian: i didn't know that. >> steve: you got to hang out in the hall. >> gretchen: she's miss mcdonald. >> elizabeth mary regina to you. >> brian: wow, confirmation name as well. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: fox news alert. now we'll take to you iraq. protests against the film erupting now in baghdad and in the city of basra. hundreds of followers of shiite cleric al-sadr called on the iraqi government to close the u.s. embassy and fire the u.s. ambassador. maliki is denouncing the film as racist and called on muslims not to react with violence. they're holding up posters of sadder and chanting death to america. >> brian: let's leave the flags and burn his posters. that would make more sense.
8:38 am
>> steve: all right. meanwhile, yesterday at this time we were telling you about how after the trouble started -- >> brian: just a second. elizabeth, you want to go? >> yes. >> brian: go ahead. >> steve: look how patient she is. >> gretchen: it's raining. >> brian: i know you have a network to run. >> gretchen: have a great day. >> steve: anyway, after the trouble started at the embassy of cairo, somebody inside sent out -- and it is presumed with the administration's approval -- essentially messages, some e-mails, tweets as well about essentially of apology, to the protesters. what's interesting, though, is we have now heard that al-qaeda is run by al-zarqawi hare. his brother was there at that event. so the embassy was, by extension, apologizing to the protesters, apologizing to
8:39 am
al-qaeda. >> gretchen: to the protesters you're seeing right now. here was the original embassy statement. condemns the efforts -- >> brian: that was before they stormed the embassy. we get that. but nothing changed eight hours later because there was a tweet that went out that said basically we stand by our earlier statement. nothing from the white house. no pullback or blowback from the state department. later we find out that person did it on their own, only checking with one person despite the state department saying you should never release a statement without our permission. >> steve: that's the story that's being floated out in the press. but we've had a number of guests on today who say come o you can't previous that. something like that had to come from higher places, like the white house. listen to these guys. >> that was cleared either by the chief of staff of the
8:40 am
embassy or by the ambassador. you don't just, as a low level employee decide you're going to be communicating with the world. i just don't believe that happened that way. >> i agree with the fact that this was a telling moment. this was kind of the obama administration -- they really do think like this. and that's why you saw that tweet go out unguarded. >> the one thing i can guarantee you is that the white house saw that, they approved the statement that went out and that sounds exactly like the word that none other than the president obama would use. and that has been his policy now for four years. >> brian: here is the story, larry schwartz a senior public affairs officer stationed in cairo let itrip as a tweet and as a statement. he only had one person to go to. he we know to his deputy chief of mission, mark severs. he was in charge tuesday because the ambassador was in washington
8:41 am
at the time. and he sent this out despite the state department telling him you should not be sending this out. the hours and hours and hours went by without any walk back, only a follow-up tweet. that's what caused those very qualified individuals to make those statements. >> steve: and is that what really happened or is there some cya going on? >> brian: why isn't this guy fired or rebuked? >> steve: good question. >> gretchen: also it shows the social media -- if you believe this story, it shows how social media can supersede the age old press release going out or statement. so i think it muddies the waters and makes it more difficult to actually know what the real truth is. >> brian: if you told me not to tweet for the show, we don't treat for the show. if you tell us to do that, we do that. that's a low basis n. one dies if we do it. >> steve: when you look at the arab spring last year, how were people able to amos in various places? twitter. social media. >> gretchen: yep. >> steve: it continues. >> gretchen: after the attack in libya, president obama spent his time attacking mitt romney. doesn't the president have other
8:42 am
things to focus on? we're going to talk about that coming up. >> brian: then reporters caught on tape plotting gotcha questions for governor mitt romney in florida. you still think there isn't any media bias? ann coulter, i think she's on the fence about that. i can't wait to see what she concludes. she'll be out shortly. in 90 seconds at that rate. if she picks it out bob...
8:43 am
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>> brian: headlines now. we're learning students in chicago could be back inside the classroom tomorrow. the associated press reporting both sides are optimistic about negotiations going on right now. talks continue today. thousands of teachers will remain on the picket line for the fourth day. the teachers union wants bigger salaries and more benefits and changes to a new evaluation system like not having one. and organizers of the democratic national convention issuing an
8:46 am
apology for using russian navy ships during a tribute to u.s. veterans last week. the wrong ship appeared on a big screen as retired navy four star took to the stage to pay tribute to our nation's heros. not their boats. the committee blame ago vendor error for the mistake. oh, the vendor. the pretzel guy. >> steve: meanwhile, this is what's happening right now live in egypt two days after attacking our embassy and tearing down our flags, as you can see, the riots continue, cars being overturned, set on fire, tires as well. so where is our president? he spend the day yesterday fundraising and campaigning in las vegas and colorado. but did he have time to attack mitt romney for speaking out on the crisis? yes. which some say president obama should have done himself. >> there is a broader lesson to be learned here. governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.
8:47 am
and as president, one of the things i learned is you can't do that. that it's important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts and that you've thought through the ramifications before you make them. >> steve: clever sound bite perhaps, but cheap shot? should president obama be more focused on condemning the terrorists instead of attacking mitt romney? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with reaction. >> good morning. i believe governor romney's reaction was 100% appropriate and something that should be said and hasn't been said for the past four years in american foreign policy. so his comments are appropriate and the main stream media -- >> steve: coordinating. >> you proved it earlier this morning. that's a terrible, terrible distraction. the real issue is our foreign policy has fallen apart. unfortunately, we see libya, and now iraq, the middle east is in flames in part. so the tweets are not the issue in the sense. tweets should not be --
8:48 am
>> steve: the cairo embass. >> should not be a substitute for foreign policy. apparently this has examine we should also understand that when the state department acted on those tweets, those apologetic tweet, apologizing for the first amendment. not the film, that's ridiculous examine stupid. but it's part and parcel of what the president said in 2009 in his new beginning speech in cairo. he said there, and i'll quote it, i consider it part of my responsibility, as president of the united states, to fight against negative stereotypes of islam wherever they appear. well, it appears now that maybe we should be fighting other stereotypes, stereotypes of who americans are, what they're thinking and what they've done in the middle east. we have now a profound failure of american foreign policy that has put american lives at risk. and we grieve those lives today. the problem is this will continue if we go forward in a
8:49 am
week appeasing, apologetic way. so i find it dysfunctional as an american to say that the presidential candidate, mitt romney, should be the only person in the united states who can't comment on america's foreign policy. >> steve: that's crazy. >> he didn't say anything that was other than patriotic and anything other than that was pro-american, anything other than standing up for our american principles. so to condemn him at this time, i find that to be unamerican. we need a debate and we need a course correction and if mitt romney in his comments to the president can provide a course correction in the same way he did when they deleted these tweets and then apologized for what they did, then that's a good thing. but we need a reevaluation right away whether this is a campaign arrest not. we're in tough shape. we better rethink this today and better respond in a way that is analysis. >> steve: great analysis. thank you very much. all right. straight ahead.
8:50 am
peter just touched on this, reporters caught on tape plotting gotcha questions for mitt romney. ann coulter standing by with her reaction. first let's find out what bill hemmer has planned for 11 minutes from now. >> good morning. very busy morning. another u.s. embassy is hit overnight. full details on everything that is moving, from washington to libya, to cairo and now to yemen. how will the u.s. respond? also there is breaking news on the economy. today we remember an american legend. we will take you live to neil armstrong's memorial service in our nation's capitol. join martha examine -- and me in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" ♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do ♪ [ acou[ barks ]ar: slow ] ♪ [ upbeat ]
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>> gretchen: fox news alert now. we're discussing the pedia biased for president obama this morning because there is proof
8:54 am
now this audio tape, reporters caught on an open mic coordinating gotcha questions for governor mitt romney. here is a snips-- snippet of soe of that. >> steve: so there you can hear a reporter, jane crawford and a guy from npr coordinating, or it appears to. ann coulter joins us live. what does it look like is happening there? >> what many of us suspected was happening, how could all these reporters independently come up with so many bone headed questions. they have to plan them. >> brian: it was the same question. >> right. right. and look at the substance of the question. the president of the united states has just done something
8:55 am
incredibly stupidly naive, harmful to united states foreign policy, it led to our ambassador being killed. and what do they switch it to? the criticism of the angel obama. this is what it's going to be like until election day. i mean, i've noticed not even on something as important as this, but the media's technique now is to play a perfectly appropriate answer from mitt romney and then to come back to them, the host, and say, and act like they're shocked, shocked. but there is nothing shocking in what was just said. >> gretchen: to me, it's two pronged. the idea they would coordinate together is news to me. i mean, i never knew -- i just can't imagine any esteemed journalist agreeing to do that. but number two, once you agree on the singular question, if that's the way the game is played, then don't go to question number 2 after you ask that question? 'cause they didn't. they asked the same question six times. >> right, right.
8:56 am
and it's the same way in the reverse with obama. it will be the same question about how hard is it dealing with these republicans? >> brian: right. and what do you think about governor mitt romney's stance? for the longest time, people say get bold, react. show us your leadership. now they're saying, wow, you really stepped out of bounds. the analogy was given, mitt romney always shoots and then aims. >> the analogy was given by the president, talk about shooting and aiming, how about sending out a message apologizing for some predict includes pretext about all of these protests. this is nonsense. this happened on 9-11. they never mentioned this of ay. the idea that this administration fell for the movie as a pretext and then apologized for it! that's the shocking news. >> steve: can you stick around for a couple more minutes? >> i would love to. >> steve: more with her in two minutes. you're watching "fox & friends" all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete.
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